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Are All Muslims Terrorists? “A Clash Of Two Civilizations”: How The War For Control Of Planet Earth Rages On In The Media – Who Will Survive Its Devastating Aftermath?

9739_700xDuring the Middle Ages, the Arabs alone were the standard-bearers of a civilization – Moorish Islamic Quotes

If history has taught us anything – is mankind cannot live together in any real harmonious union for any prolonged period of time. This was all too evident during the days of Muhammad after the revelations of the Qur’an came to him. He encountered bitter opposition and rejection from his kinsfolk and after the death of Prophet Muhammad in June 632AD, the emerging Rashidun Caliphs worked at the unification of the peoples of Arabia who in turn sparked insurgent military operations against the Byzantine Roman Empire and the Basined Persian Empire as these were crucial to Islamic conquest and further unification.

In the exodus, the Christian Abyssinian (Ethiopian) king called Aṣḥama ibn Abjar absorbed many refuge Muslims providing them protection during the persecution era where Mecca was a hotbed of murder and mayhem – much like Syria & Iraq today.

As the march of conquest continued – between 1095 and 1291, the Crusades and the Reconquesta was a period of centuries of capture, recapture, militarization and on-going war between two polarized civilizations.

In 1187, Saladin liberated Jerusalem with a classic historically epic battle – while fighting with Richard the Lionheart, the Saracens fought relentlessly as was proved by historical sources. What followed was the establishment of the Ottoman Caliphate; the “Conquest of Constantinople” by “Muhammad the Conqueror”.

The clash of civilizations continued apace with further conquest of Eastern Europe and the fall of Greece to the Ottomans. Vienna then fell to “Suleiman the Magnificent” or as for Muslims “Suleiman the Lawmaker”.

At the turn of the 17th century, came the “backlash” from the Industrial Revolution and the exploitation by colonial empires striking back, resulting in the colonization of large swathes of the Muslim world. And so with the advent of WWI and the end of the Ottoman Empire – the Muslim world was eventually over-run by the colonization of the French, British and Italian governments. The final nail was the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state by the Rothschilds in collaboration with the British Illuminists in 1948.

Subsequent Arab-Israeli wars with most Christian countries aligning with Israel headed by USA, Britain, France, Netherlands and other Anglo-Saxon nations have resulted in an emergent postmodern crisis of confidence, where the contemporary politics of the 21st century is being fought through the medium of the media – and the crossbow of allegiance and polarization is for the hearts and minds of individuals.

But from whence did this postmodern phenomenon emerge and how does American apocalyptic religious right-wing thinking influence its continuum?

The clash of civilizations theory was first posited in the 1990’s in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union by Samuel Huntington, Bernard Lewis & Laurent Murawiec. Huntington et al felt that postmodern geopolitics was about oil resources and who controls it (the hubris of much of the contention today as well) – for if the Arab-Muslims had complete monopolistic autonomy and control, they would eventually be “Masters of the Universe” with everyone else in subservience – something the American Empire cannot allow.

After 9-11, when the world changed, this theory was ratcheted up by Washington hawks and Israeli-American Zionists who argued that the historical tyranny of Islamization was intent on a “global Caliphate” where Sharia Law, and the emergence of Madhi would occur in our lifetime. And with America’s divine prophetic role on the world stage as the last great empire – it is in her interest to maintain that global hegemony.

The sociological vituperative speak as well as the esoteric complexity of this phenomenon is being packaged by the visual and print media in the form of propaganda with the hope that there will be enough of a moral [panic] on both sides of the equation that the pressure of internal subsidence and implosion through civil unrest, anarchy or possible war will decimate the Arab-Muslim world resulting in the Jewish-Christian world emerging the victors. Is that not the current praxis seen between SUNNI v SHIA?

American religious politics continues to be fueled by a Right-Wing media in partnership with a fundamentalist Jewish-Christian alliance of powerful behind the scenes agitators whose sole justification is the struggle between “Good v Evil” with its crystallization point in Jerusalem – the imperial hubris of ancient expropriation and divine sanctum.

So in the present aftermath of what we are currently witnessing on the world stage – what is the truth behind all the smokescreens?

For one, as the world focuses on the United States and the madness of political intrigue in that great country – the subliminal workings of the Illuminists in most notably, GREAT BRITAIN and EUROPE are being overlooked because there are few who are truly cognizant of the role Europe will play in the end-time global apocalyptic religio-political scenarios that will bring the world to the brink of the abyss of WORLD WAR 3.

According to Thierry Meyssan –“the Muslim-Arab world and Jewish-Christian world concepts are dubious in themselves. Originally, the term “Jewish-Christian” did not refer to all Jews and Christians but, on the contrary, to a reduced group of original Christians who were still Jews, before the separation of the Church from the Synagogue. But, at the end of the 1960’s, that is, after the United States came closer to Israel and the Six Day War, this term assumed a political meaning. It then referred to the NATO bloc, the West, in opposition to the Soviet bloc, known as the East”.

If we are to believe the FOX News pundits and the merchants of political and religious spin – the United States and Europe will be over-run with mosques; Sharia Law will be the common-law in the land and we will all be forced to stop eating pork, drinking alcohol and see our women forced to wear the infamous “hijab”.

In the end, the religious politics of Armageddon suggests, “with Christ’s return will be marked by the triumph of the manifest destiny of the United States and their unilateralist agenda – also where the only single free nation on earth entrusted by divine Providence to shed the light of progress upon the rest of the world.”

With this kind of thinking – surely we are all doomed!!!


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