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Christianophobia v Islamophobia: Two Sides of the Same Coin – The Misguided Indoctrination of Domineering Fascists Christian Zionism and the Fractious Nature of Islamic Fundamentalists in Stymieing Religious Freedom

beeldenstormThe planet earth is under siege. The ravages of war and conflict precipitate. ISIS* is the latest installment in the deceptive commotion of nations. The colossus of negative political and religious spin ferments as the hearts and minds of men suffers from information fallout fatigue. The time honored traditions of decadent, myopic socio-religious politics continues to meander through a maze of fractiousness, intolerance, instability and controversy.

When Tony Blair’s autobiography “The Journey” hits the book shelves describing his justification for starting the modern-day “CRUSADE” between what he and George “DUBYAH” Bush* calls radical Islam (“an ‘AXIS’ of evil) v Zionist Christianity. Jewry, Islam and Christianity continue to merge and feud at historical crossroads in an apocalyptic battle for supremacy. The sinister forces which have brewed this religious and political alchemy seek to exacerbate a clash of civilizations which will result in a doomsday nuclear holocaust where the embers will burn across the Middle East consuming everything in its path.

But is this blind arrogance on man’s part – or the manipulation of invisible forces outside the reach of cognitive human understanding?

Whatever the reason, moves are afoot to add fuel to another emerging fire, where a few days ago, another resolution is being tabled which provides unequivocal support for a surgical military strike against ISIS* Islamist combatants waging a war of attrition in both Syria & Iraq.

As I had predicted to the ire of many based on the military “surge” in Afghanistan authorized by Messrs. Obama & Brown which many pundits saw as necessary to accomplish a similar endgame as in Iraq – I remarked then that they would also need a lot of “body-bags” – for if history has taught us anything, that fighting an unwinnable war against such battle-hardened Mujaheddin insurgents would prove collective stupidity: fighting an invisible insurrectionists force like ISIS* was tantamount to plain, old-fashion suicide. Well, the proof kept coming home then as young men and women gave their lives in what is still the predecessor of an illegal war. Obama now (war weary) is faced with a clean up job left by Messrs. Bush & Blair et al. How will he act on the threshold of departing office after [2] terms is anyone’s guess – but if the warmongers in the state department have their way – “phase 3” of that “UNJUST” war continues apace.

Like the Soviet Union before them – while a decision on a shameful exit strategy in both Iraq & Afghanistan can never be fully implemented, the warmongers are now ratcheting-up Israelis forces in the hope of bringing about a scorching of the earth if the Syrian civil war crosses borders – creating something of apocalyptic proportions where attacking Iran with weapons of mass destruction would be incited by a similar sinister conspiratorial 9-11 type scenario.

So how do we intelligently quantify the two variant concepts of Christianophobia and Islamophobia given the resonant “FEAR” which exist on both sides of this divide – when it is clear that these ideologies inherently posit an historical inevitability of war and genocide? The prima facie use of religious distinction and exclusivity is merely a subtle scion used by elite supremacists – where on examination of each of these positions we find them fundamentally flawed and that the dark forces of primus diabolicus seeks complete destruction of each of these ideologies.

In America where these dark forces have been at work for decades – recent history reminds us that Carl Rove, during the BUSH* years had been the architect of the GOP’s Tea Party Movement in cahoots with the Religious Right (HAGEE et al). These power-brokers have worked feverishly to incite a dismantling of the last tiers of Islamic resistance by hoping to use Israel to attack Iran and to plunge the Middle East into a tinder-box of nuclear explosion. – ushering in “THE TRIBULATION”.

We all were anticipating that with Obama’s presidency coming to an end that U.S. foreign policy would be less tunnel-visioned – but nothing has really changed in America’s foreign policy towards those they deem as Islamofascists, e.g. having the Joint Chiefs of Staff compile “hit lists” of Americans, and Arabs as targets for assassination like the American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who currently had been spotted in Yemen; continued “drone” strikes in Pakistan’s Waziristan Provinces.

Juan Cole argues that gullible, well-meaning Evangelical Christians and mainstream Americans are being brain-warped from the pulpit and by FOX News media cohorts – dissing* Muslims and by provoking Fascists Jews – who they continually remind that they are God’s only favored nation, so as to engender what they believe will be Armageddon by any means.

But at what cost?

On the other side of the coin, Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad was used continually as a political and religious propaganda football along with the incendiary HAMAS’* political ideological speak and retaliatory actions, as reason for pushing Israel to the brink of insanity, so that they would act militarily – notwithstanding, the reminders of the historical tenets of Islamization from the 10th to the 14th century where global conquest moved from beyond the “Glorious Land” to envelope the whole world. This is the fear-mongering that is being so skilfully employed even today.

With this kind of threat-speak on both sides of the divide – it is producing a very volatile situation in the Middle East. Israel finds little comfort in Washington (except amongst Tea Party baggers and Christian Zionist agitators) because the fatigued school of consensus is that Oval Office politics is frankly tired of the “NIGGA* on the plantation ideology which subsume a Southern slave state type mindset, that has very little respect if any at all for the ideological South or the rabid dog Zionists jostling to start Armageddon on a aircraft wing and a Catholic or Evangelical prayer.

So the Tea Party Movement have set out to ruin OBAMA* and to divide the Democrats by driving an ideological wedge between the Liberals and Conservatives in both Israel and the U.S.

The wedge that has worked successfully since 1948 is in the fermenting of the war machine and the hanging out of U.S soldiers (and coalition of Caucasian ISAF countries) as sitting ducks to be massacred after Israel attacks Iran pulling the region into a modern day form of Biblical Armageddon.

With U.S., UK & EU coalition soldiers in harms way, the democrats will have no choice because of escalating tensions – instead of evacuating U.S & ISAF coalition forces from their respective theaters. With war afoot the Tea Party Movement elitists being heavily invested and continuing to profit in arms sales and in military technology as do the Saudis, UAE, the Brits, Aussies, Canadians, Germans and French, all of them being Rothschild war profiteers. So making money from war profits the Conservative Lobby and it is likely before the U.S General Election 2012 (or the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecies) their final push will be to plunge the region into an apocalyptic abyss.

Ultimately, the din of religious politics and the constant bombardment to incite Israel to attack Iran and possibly Syria is a subtle, devilish ploy. The elites of both parties, along with Christian Zionists in the United States use ratcheted-up hate rhetoric of Israel to gain traction as the protectors of the Jews in U.S circles – hence the frightened masses pay obeisance to the party that lets Israel be the aggressor that it wishes to be – arrogant, insulting, brash, hard-core, selfish and in denial of any modicum of reason or political flexibility.

Like two rivaling siblings whose hardliner stance refuses to give in an inch – the end-result will be the fulfilling prophecy we all feared would come to pass. The question we must all ask is whether anything or anyone will emerge from the ashes and embers of an apocalyptic doomsday scenario.

Time will surely tell…


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