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Making A Deal With The Devil: “The Spirit of Hophni And Phineas” – Prosperity Preachers, Self-Proclaimed Prophets, Sexual Deviants And The Proliferation Of Religious Scandals In The Modern Church

eddielong_jimmyswaggert_tdjakesThe prophets lie and the priests take bribes and the people love it so – but what will you do when the end comes? – Jeremiah 5:30

No man can “TRULY” judge another man – no matter what the circumstances. Yet we’re admonished by the Word that we shall judge (fallen) ‘angels’. So what is the context here?

As Christians, we go to court over civil matters, domestic issues and over legal matters. As men/women of God, while we’re instructed by the Word to take these matters to our religious/spiritual authorities to whom we believe ought to be spiritual enough to arbitrate over – given the difficult impasse on these matters, oftentimes, there’s precious little light coming from those who ought to be in a position to help to render a just verdict (especially in matters pertaining to marriage, sex, money, tithing etc).

Yet Biblical admonition goes unheeded and the ever-growing spotlight focuses on Christians in a less than complimentary manner as more often than not – we end up in court; in the news media and in the public square airing our “dirty” laundry.

As scandal come and go within the church, where most Christians today seems to have had an inoculation (a form of dystopic vaccination) against impropriety in the church by so-called men of ‘god’ – it almost as if we have been “NUMBED” by an injected form of spiritual and cognitive dissonance regarding the shenanigans of our pastors, preachers & bishops. The news media carried the scandal of celebrity televangelist Eddie Long who was allegedly being charged with sexual impropriety by [4] men who claim that he had homosexual relations with them while they were under his spiritual leadership. Whether this was true or it was a shakedown – GOD* knows the truth! However, Eddie Long still continues to push his version of Christianity in the public square.

Many prominent Christian leaders today have made a deal (a pact) with the devil by attrition. Duped into compliance by a love of “filthy lucre”(BIG MONEY) and tainted by the spirit of Laodicea (“RICH” and INCREASED* in “GOODS”) yet void of any real true spirituality – yet followed by tens of thousands of poor imbeciles longing for a morsel of even stale bread. The love of worldliness, pomp, pageantry and fanfare ruins the practical godliness men ought to have. So the Devil uses our baser passions to gratify the hole that many of us have on the inside of our souls. Hence, undercover sex in the modern church is the most luridly explosive and ticking time-bomb we face and more so in the BLACK* church.

The World Council of Churches argue that our difficulty in addressing issues of sex and sexuality has often made it painful for us to engage, in an honest and realistic debate, over issues of sex education, HIV prevention and now – same-sex unions.

There’s no denying that the “spirit of Hophni and Phineas remains rife in the 21st century church. This is an extension of late 20th century celebrity Christianity and “preacher worship” going back to Billy Graham (Jesuit sympathizer) and serialist and fall from grace emotional “scum-bags” Jimmy Swaggart to money-worshipers and false prophets like the late Oral Roberts & his modern ilk. Today, the emblematic charisma of men like T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, Joel Olsten, Paula White, Juanita Bynum and whole host of others who occupy key spots on powerful religious television networks like TBN, GOD Channel, INSP and others – raking in MILLIONS of $$$$$$ per year to fuel and prop up their hellish lifestyles. So when books like SNAKES IN THE PULPIT by Reuben Armstrong and other publications like  – CROOKS AND HOMOS IN THE PULPIT cite a culture of sexual infamy, obfuscation and denial – many deceived individuals take an affront to the truth.

Instead of Christ as the object of affection, the popular modern church is attracted to a “CELEBRITY”, an evangelist, a project, a political cause, a fund-raising campaign, a new building, or supposed miracles and healing services which is nothing more than a SHAM! Faith has turned to fantasy with a diluted, sugar-coated message of health, wealth, prosperity and worldly comfort.

Celebrity Christianity today seems more obsessed with “money” than with “souls” – more concerned with “seed” than with “sanctity”. If no one else has noticed, these religious PIMPS* have taken BAD-BEGGING to whole new scientific level. In 2014, it has become an art-form – worthy of a university baccalaureate!

In that kind of environment “easy believism” flourishes and many people who associate themselves with the church aren’t even Christians. They may have a form of godliness, but they deny its power – while Satan is still using this form of deception, and often his representatives are being disguised as ministers of righteousness – while propagating that which brings death and darkness to the mind and heart of the sinner, they profess to be representatives of enlightened living. This is Satanic deception at its highest level!

Carnal man needs God, but he prefers a “god” that condones carnal behavior. False religion appeals to the carnal nature because it offers loopholes to justify sin and wrong-doing. The carnal heart is inherently opposed to God’s Commandments. So the LAW OF GOD* is outlawed in all too many churches and not just in our schools, public buildings but even in our halls of government.

Man-centered theology in many modern churches today are focused on meeting people’s needs; on solving one’s problems so one can live more comfortably. To them the physical body is what is important, not the unseen soul. And for that reason, few churches hold to a Christ-centered faith that helps a believer stand in the midst of his trials and look to Jesus Christ for aid and comfort. For all too often, the 20th century church took its cues and defined its role by the ways of the world – now the chickens have come home to roost in the 21st century with a form of godliness that is taking the vast majority to HELL* in a hand basket.

Now the 21st century church hastens to accommodate a consumer-oriented culture that wants, above all else, to feel good. And it focuses on “action” at the expense of “character” – on “doing” rather than “being”. There is nothing wrong with seeking to meet people’s needs or creating programs to do so, and the church setting should be an environment where non-Christians feel welcome. But at the same time the purpose of the church is to follow and promote the Godly doctrines and beliefs found in the Word of God, not to bow down to Satan and the world and accepts false information as its doctrine – thinking that so-called “HAPPY-CLAPPY”, falling out & getting slain, mumbling strange “GAGA-GOGO” is going to get anyone to heaven.

In today’s world, more people are concerned with animal rights than with human rights or most importantly the rights of “unborn children”. Their complicit silence on so many of these vile, evil, and sinful practices belies any kind of righteousness and simply tells the deceived sheep who are followers that practices like these are tolerated and acceptable to God.

God doesn’t want his followers to be people who love their religion. He wants his followers to be people who love the truth. I remember when we use to call evil and ungodly things – SIN*. Then we gave in and called them “sicknesses”. Then as they became more and more popular we were persuaded to call them “socially acceptable”. Then they were called “normal”. Now we have been convinced to disapprove of anyone who is critical in any way of these ungodly practices. The church of today tolerates just about any type of perversion. There are very few practices that are prevented from entering into God’s house, and much of it is welcomed and accepted with open arms. The biggest thing missing in the churches of today is TOTAL* “FEAR” of GOD!

Today in America and around this sin-cursed world, while the “double-headed hydra” of same-sex marriage raises its ugly head as a major issue of socio-religious policy – within the debate amongst Christian Conservative who believe that the ratification of Proposition 8 law allowing such unions to be deemed as “Marriage” goes against every Biblical mandate – yet the Episcopalian church has just passed the edict ratifying legal same-sex marriage in their churches, opening the gates of HELL* for every abomination under the sun to finally enter the house of God.

Even Obama, whom many have supported, remains in “left-field” on this issue as political expediency will cause the best of us to lie to our consciences and compromise with the truth that is in God’s Word – all for the sake social and political popularity.

Sexual matters within the church hang like an “Albatross” around the necks of too many ministers and members alike. Most being clueless to take a Biblical position because it would mean the loss of their Tax-Exempt status or vitriol from opposing groups including some of their own members. What a damnable state of affairs!

The Church hierarchy seems unable if not impotent to engage in any open and honest dialogue or debate about homosexuality, lesbianism, same sex unions (now marriage), contraception, sterilization, artificial insemination, abortion, masturbation, premarital sex, celibacy and women’s ordination; so no one should be surprised if some with hidden agendas are inappropriately silent about homosexuality and pedophilia (which are top of the list) given that too many good so-called Church-going Christian men seem to be on either on the down-low or engaged in rampant infidelity, back-door dealing & the lurid practices of the flesh.

Current church teachings on sexual issues don’t speak to today’s current realities given the propagation of liberal theology and an avant-garde form of postmodernist thinking which shelves the rudiments of Scripture for a more accomodationist type of “gospel” which debars no one or speak to the cherished sins which God hates. And we wonder why “Chuch” has become so irrelevant?

The churches continued unwillingness to DEBATE* matters of social justice and its refusal to acknowledge or discuss the ambiguity and complexity of sexual questions have produced a magisterium that can listen to lying, corrupt politicians, greedy captains of industry and war-hungry profiteers and blood-thirsty military generals but not to women with serious sexual and relationship questions that need to be resolved given the rampant loss of fathers and husbands; predatory ministers & brothers lying in wait like snakes in the grass; brothers on the down-low and a spiraling miasmic climate of male incarceration – leaving the “SISTAZ” defenseless, alone and with love.

The Church is often antagonistic to investigations of impropriety by dissenting theologians who discourage honest, impartial study and writing about controversial sexual issues which may highlight areas of possible scandal.

In this short narrative exercise, it would be virtually impossible to give you an honest evaluation of the size and scale of the problem within the modern Church. This simple elucidation of what is a controversial issue does NOT even begin to do justice in any measure to any laudable degree of the issues we now face. It is because of that I have decided on a 2 part article outlining the scope and scale of this Leviathan in our midst. And I’ll be damned in HELL*, if I am ever “SILENTLY COMPLICIT” with any kind of evil – no matter where it raises its ugly head…

Again, to quote Sir Edmund Burke (noted Oxford educated social historian & philosopher) – “ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO PROSPER IF FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING”…

I’ll be damned if I could ever live in such a world – voiceless!!!

Stay tuned…



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