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The Frozen Ark: “As It Was In The Days Of Noah” – Future Cloning, Tampering With Nature And Man’s Efforts To Resurrect Life From The Primordial Shadows Of Antiquity

frozenark“And the thoughts of men’s hearts were only evil continually” – Genesis 6:5

Death remains man’s greatest foe. After 1000’s of years, we still grapple with this silent, torturous, invasive supernatural menace. From the moment of birth, we are all doomed to die with no man knowing for sure the day of his demise or departure. Many presuppose that death is a natural phenomenon – being the opposite of life.

But can death be properly explained, outside of the Biblical context?

Death like evil is an invisible enemy. They are both consequences of each other. Philosophy and science have for centuries been inundated with nagging questions but have been left bereft of any real answers. Even religion struggles with these questions often glossing over them in hope that randomized spiritual appeasement would be enough to satisfy those who lose love ones under tragic conditions, through disease or even sudden circumstances. This I know only too well…

Mankind remains in a perpetual state of abject denial (LOCK-DOWN) contending that the prevalence of “EVIL” in the world (arguing senselessly) that it is a by-product of human choices. Understandably, there is an elementary grain of truth to be found in such forms of social perception – sadly, a half truth is still a whole lie (at least where I stand)!

Too many refuse to admit that evil spurns from a source that is way outside the realm of human cognizance and human reasoning. Evil is a malignant esoteric force; a primordial enemy; a vacuous entity which still “sneaks” in while men are asleep at the wheel. It gives no warning – it surfaces when least expected without fear of reprisal.

Can anyone of us with any real objectivity deny the increasing prevalence of evil in postmodern 21st century? Can it be adequately explained? And if so, what will be its ultimate exit strategy?

The historical-Biblical account of Noah’s day foreshadows the final days in which we now live; a world pillaged by unimaginable iniquity, sin and evil. Mankind is unquestionably on the brink of another terminally cataclysmic episode.

If nothing is new under the sun, then whatever evil is transpiring in our 21st century world was possibly rehearsed and lived out at some other point during the earlier epochs of human history. Hence the words that Jesus spoke, “As it was in the days of Noah” so it will be just before the coming of Messiah a 2nd time.

Ancient Biblical history paints a picture of the pre-antediluvian era of Noah’s day where social, moral and planetary conditions were unimaginably decadent, degenerate and demonstrably dissonant. Giants were everywhere (NEPHILIM) – a genus of human beings assimilated with the DNA* of giants. Debauchery was rampant. Murder, mayhem and the decimation of a once beautiful creation, marred and tarnished by the stench of sin and corruption. The ultimate insult was that the love for the Creator God had became virtually non-existent and “the imaginations of men’s hearts were only evil continually”.

In mercy, God directed righteous Noah (who had remained uncorrupted) to build an “Ark” because man’s probation had run its course and He was going to utterly destroy the world by a Flood (at a time when the earth had never seen physical rain, as the dew rose like mist to water the land in its unbelievable lushness).

So in complete trust in God’s Providence, for [120] years of laborious preparation, work, prayer and preaching, Noah and his family toiled to bring about the completion of the “Ark”. This “Doomsday Craft” was loaded with everything God had instructed Noah to carry, while he and his family boarded the “Ark”, the door was closed and the world destroyed by a deluge of water from above and from below.

4000 years down through through time and with the dawn of the 21st century, there is this ominous sense of foreboding that something of a greater apocalyptic nature ruminates beneath the terra ferma of human consciousness. Somehow in all of us, there is this “gut” feeling that we are on the verge of the abyss; on the verge of a prophesied Apocalypse.

In the movie 2012, the depiction of the eternal destiny of man lies in the flotilla of 7 Arks – created in the heights of the Himalayan Mountains (an interesting irony) given that Noah’s Ark alighted in the mountains of Ararat. Based on the tenure of that 2012 movie – how would our current governments be able to prepare 6+ billion people for an approaching Apocalypse? The interesting deception within this movie is that God destroyed the world (ONCE*) by water – this time the apocalyptic disaster will be by an unprecedented inferno and by supernatural phenomena words are futile to pen.

The question is – who is setting the agenda? Is there a credible and present threat or is this Hollywood in cahoots with doomsday prophets engaged in the trafficked marketing of FEAR*?

Today, rich billionaires, powerful elitists and governments are hastily building their respective “Arks”. One such piece of technological construction is called (notably enough) The Doomsday Seed Vault which according to NBC reporter Dawna Friesen suggesting that – “one day our future may lie in the seeds to our past”. This however is really a dramatic irony because in the past (if the allusion is correct), the end result was total destruction and annihilation.

Here in London, the Natural History Museum, the Zoological Society in partnership with the University of Nottinghamshire have embarked on a similar revolutionary project called “The Frozen Ark” to work at preserving animal species bordering extinction. The organizational remit according to Darwinian scientists – Drs. Brian & Ann Clarke is the “practical and timely backup of genetic material for the good of, future generations.”

But what and where is the hidden agenda in all of this science?

Many are now asking – do these guys know something that the rest of the ignorantly ill-informed humanity refuses to acknowledge?

As we saw Dr. Craig Venteer created the first form of synthetic life – a quantum visionary leap within the biological life sciences establishment where as 18th century Freemason and French Enlightenment pioneer Voltaire suggested that “To rise again to be the same person that you were” is seen by many super-rich elitists and power-brokers who fund Cryobiological research as a means of preserving their immortality for a future time when they could be resurrected or reincarnated through a process of “Biostatis”. A dangerous delusion indeed, if I may so!

The real issues of death and immortality have plagued mankind since the dawning of time and it is only today as we are on the cusp of being able to resurrect life through a process of genetic cloning where any human being, nephilim (giant) or super-human that has ever existed as far back as paleontological discoveries have been able to unearth – poses horrendous ramifications of which does not even bear mentioning far less debating. However, the reality of such weird science is already out there and cannot be avoided. (FOR AN EYE-OPENER – PLEASE SEE ALL OF DR. HORN’S 8 VIDEOS)!!!

In the controversial book – Forever For All: Moral Philosophy, Cryonics, and the Scientific Prospects for Immortality – Michael Perry builds upon Russian moral philosopher Nikolai Fedorov (1829 – 1903) a self-taught academic who was amongst the first to look at how physical resurrection of the dead could become possible through scientific research while religionists have always held to the Biblical view looking to the supernatural power of God to bring about immortality sometime in the distant future.

Meantime, while 18th century moral philosophers were throwing futuristic theoretical phenomena around – on the other side of the equation was the so-called emergent science of eugenics fostered by social and biological Darwinists whose sole agenda was the creation of the Masonic alchemy concepts of androgyny – a fundamental moral notion denied by parishioners of this ancient craft.

As an adjunct to all this, history shows that within the dark bowels of one of the most wretched polemics of all times is the narrative of Black folks who for hundreds of years became the guinea pigs in a scientific mass culla history of the Eugenics Movement (inside and outside of Europe) and for those who have been spearheading this sinister research technology, where most of us are still completely oblivious to it – the conceptual framework having been constructed in the seed-bed of social existence for hundreds if not 1000’s of years. (SEE ALL 13 VIDEOS)

So behind the scenes – away from prying human eyes, the preparation of cloning a “messiah” (an antichrist world figure leader) gathers pace, as an alliance of a small group of scientists and those who fund and back them. What is remarkable that in 1997 when Dolly the sheep was shown to the world in Scotland – Time Magazine special report on March 10th, under the caption a “SPECIAL REPORT ON CLONING”, – Charles Krauthammer said this:-

“One doesn’t expect Dr. Frankenstein to show up in a wool sweater, baggy parka, soft British accent and the face of a bank clerk. But there, in all banal benignity he was: Dr. Ian Wilmut, the first man to create fully formed life from adult body parts since Mary Shelley’s mad scientist. The creator wore chinos. Wilmut may not look the part, but he plays it. He took a cell nucleus from a 6 year-old ewe, fashioned from it a perfect twin – adding the nice Frankenstein touch of passing an electric charge through the composite cell to get it growing — and called it Dolly. Dolly, the clone, is an epochal – a cataclysmic – creature. Not because of the technology that produced it. Transferring nuclei has been done a hundred times. But because of the science. Dolly is living proof that an adult cell can revert to embryonic stage and produce a full new being. This was not supposed to happen.”

Most morally sound individuals find the idea of cloning abhorrent to say the least. Governments watchdogs work to stem the tide of pioneer extravagance in the area of stem cell research and other controversial areas of exploration – so if the Frankensteinian idea of cloning a counterfeit “messiah” seem beyond the confines of most people’s thought process – it is clearly not out of the question for a cabal of Illuminists who are involved in the work of bringing about the “Age of Antichrist” through scientific endeavour.

The Bible reminds us that – “the DRAGON* gave ‘him’ his power, his throne, and great authority… and authority was given ‘him’ over every tribe, tongue, and nation. (Rev. 13:2,7). For those in the know, there is a growing theosophy who believe that with the strides made in nanotechnology, AI and the new emerging strains of biotechnology that they will be able to create a transcendent form of “human-being” which will not only defy the shallow confines of human perception, understanding or make-up but will equal if not surpass any of the greatest men who have lived throughout history.

Again the Bible reminds us – “While men sleep – the enemy creeps in unaware to sows seeds of destruction!”


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