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The Judeo-Christian Matrix: “Simon of Cyrene” and the “Cross of Humanity’s Shame” – The “White Religious Lie” Which Sought To Undermine the Pivotal Role of the Black Man in Biblical Literature

jon-onye-lockard-simon-of-cyrene_jpgThe problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color lineW.E.B. DuBois

Today the Black man still bears the Cross of Jesus Christ as Simon of Cyrene did on that most fateful day in earth’s history. As those hellish Roman soldiers whipped, beat, insulted and spat upon my LORD* and as for those who called themselves Abraham’s children (Jews) were (crying out vociferously, “let His blood be upon us and our children”) – Jews who were of the Synagogue of SATAN* heckled, cajoled, laughed, maligned, jeered and scoffed as Jesus wobbled, stumbled and fell under the weight of the cross. Simon of Cyrene (the 13th Disciple) bore His burden up the hill of Golgotha.

And so upon the back of the Black man fell that “Cross of Shame” – a symbolic, archetypal reminder to Black folks everywhere throughout the ages that upon their shoulders rest the long arduous process of salvation for humanity. What Simon of Cyrene accomplished in the flesh for our beloved Lord and Saviour – we as the progenitors of that fulfillment would have to carry for mankind right down until the end of time.

Yet many still ask, but are not Black folks “the least in their Father’s house”?

What constitutes greatness can largely be a matter of opinion. Jesus reminds us that the least is oftentimes the greatest amongst us and MUST* be a “servant” to all – and the “first” will be the “last” and the “last” will be the “first”.

Do we consider a man’s greatness in part due to the degree to which his life and actions affect humanity for generations? 2000 years later, Jesus Christ’s life still has an impact on the world today.

Had Napoleon been forced to stay on the island of Corsica – would the seeds of his destiny as Emperor become historical evident or would he not have become one of those flowers born to bloom” remaining unseen and waste in the sweetness of the desert air?

As the subject of this discourse implies, many have bought into the “spurious lies” of history regarding the greatest group of people God created on planet earth. Though disobedient on every level (and now “last” in the grand procession) – they have remained unparalleled as a tour de force of nature especially when history is given the true resonance it deserves. A Black man began civilization named Nimrod and we believe that one will end it!

Post-deluvian history in Genesis 10:6–20 paints an account of the dispersal of the nations within the Mesopotamian Valley of IRAQ*. This geographical area known as the “cradle of civilization” from which emerged the world’s first known Black King (NIMROD) – the most powerful Black man that ever lived (after the Flood), who according to Scripture was “a mighty hunter before God” and someone who ruled from the stratospheric heights of the Tower of Babel. Historical accounts presuppose that no physical human structure like it exist today on the earth or ever will. Even with the Burj Khalifa which stands at [2,716.5 ft] in downtown Dubai – it remains as an insignificant structure compared to how the Tower of Babel stood.

In Genesis 11:6, God saw that the intent of the people’s heart was based on such solid “UNITY” that they would have literally built a stairway into the heavens. The story of Babel is truly profound because the Black man still struggles unlike any other race with this issue of “unity”. We all seem to speak a different language – often from an altered position of defense. Our focus is too tribal; too linguistic; too individualistic, too materialistic. Our focus like the kingdom of Nimrod is on building material edifices without any real tailored, spiritual accountability or oversite. As the Bible remind us – “Unless the LORD GOD* builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD GOD* watch the city in the night, in vain do the watchmen keep vigil.”

The post-exodus of mankind from the kingdom of Nimrod, resulting in Ham taking his son Mizraim and went off to Africa. Mizraim whose name is Egypt became the land from which Jacob’s family of [70] plus not including Joseph who was already Prince of Egypt, his wife Asenath, (the daughter of an African priest) and their [2] sons would call home for the next 430 years. Of the [70] who entered Egypt (this powerful Black nation) according to Scripture only (4) of them were female, (Asher’s granddaughter, Jacob’s daughter Dinah who had been raped, Leah & Zilpah).

For all the religious BIGOTS* who do not possess a shred of intellectual, far less spiritual honesty, it would be nigh impossible for them to acknowledge that the JEWISH* people began as a “RACE” of people (WHO DUE TO INTERMARRIAGE) were Black or for ethnological correctness – biracial where [66] men and [4] Israelite females were meant to keep the bloodline Semitic.

By the time God had decided to deliver the Israelites out of African bondage – a new despotic Pharaoh had emerged to wage ethnic genocide because of the population statistics in Goshen, Egypt. A new variant “hybrid” specie of Black folks had morphed into the landscape threatening to become a MORAL* & ETHNIC majority.

On the scene of action was another prince of Egypt (a Hebrew), Moses who had grown up in Pharaoh’s house. He was to be the deliverer of this people after spending some [40] years in Jethro’s house (a Black Midianite high priest) who knew of the true worship of YAHWEH long before even the children of Israel had been given a single Commandment from God.

Scripture reminds us also that Moses’ Black Ethiopian wife Zipporah was at the center of ethnic, racial strife between Moses’ sister Miriam and others (due in no part to jealousy and stupidity) and would have suffered the retributive justice of a NO-NONSENSE God had Moses not arbitrarily intervened.

Right through the historical document of Old Testament Scripture, one can find peppered and laced with references, scenes, acts, stories and prominent roles by powerful Black men and women who altered the course of human history and destiny. This discourse is limited in its citations of what can be accredited to God’s original people but the proof is in the pudding. Taste and see that the Lord is good folks!

As a result of the flawed thinking and the misconceptualization of Scripture – we sadly arrived at medieval pre-Renaissance history – where the pendulum of time has swung decisively and indiscriminately towards those who would rule and hold sway over the world based on Daniel Chapter 2 & 3.

By the time Greece and Rome arrived on the world scene, Caucasoid people were in the ascendancy and set out to concoct a damnable lie* of historic proportions by “REWRITING” the history books. This damnable heresy was then used as fuel and fodder for the next millennium to brainwash and indoctrinate the world into believing that the Black man had no major place, part or role in the Biblical historical narrative (and if so, to a diminished extent) but most importantly, that the descendants of Ham were a “cursed people” – a ploy to upstage and steal the most important vestiges of Black history.

Caucasian ministers, anthropologists, social historians, eugenicists and others throughout the Reformation period of the 16th century taught that the Black man was cursed based on the pronouncement in Genesis 9:24-25.

The Church spearheading this diabolical lie, gave sanction to the capitalists “rift-raft”, dodgy speculators and amoral profiteers to embark on a 400 year-old long quest to squeeze every last drop of blood out of the soul of the Black man because as Scripture had said – “a slave shall he be to others”.

The conundrum of Scripture however for many so-called intellectual Biblical scholars is that Ham was not cursed (the “one” who saw his father’s nakedness) but Noah’s grandson Canaan – and many still ask why? Those who think they are so enlightened can provide a meaningful answer as to why this occurred.

Today, the modern Judeo-Christian construct is actually a matrix of disavowal of basic historical factors, [premises] and conclusions. According to Dr. Walter Arthur McCray in his book – “The Black Presence in the Bible: Discovering THE BLACK and African Identity of Biblical persons and nations, he argues that “one of the more enlightening aspects of the study of the Black presence in the Bible has to do with the ethnological make-up of the Old Covenant community. Here we are speaking of the Blackness, whether implicit or explicit, of the Hebrew-Israelite-Judahite-Jewish people spanning the centuries from Abraham, the father of the Hebrew people with whom God entered into Covenant, down to Jesus Christ Himself, the Promised Messiah of God.” (p.122)

McCray further opines that “it is indeed possible for us to demonstrate [1] the Blackness of the Covenant-Messianic community; [2] the Blackness of the Messianic genealogical line; and [3] the Blackness of the Messiah Himself, Christ Jesus The Lord.” (Ibid)

The problem is – unraveling centuries of false indoctrination, brain (white) washing & warping, lies and misinformation will be a mammoth task given the entrenched nature of our belief system but work we must to destroy the last barriers to this insalubrious resistance.

In conclusion, the New Testament like the OT is also peppered with historical accounts of Black privilege, involvement and control. Dr. John S. Mbiti, in his book “African Religions and Philosophy” argues that “the conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch (Black Queen Candace’s Treasurer) described in the Acts of the Apostles predates Paul’s 1st missionary journey into Europe by several years. There is clear, historical documentation of the BLACK church in Africa by the 3rd century. Christianity was the dominant religion in North Africa and most notably Egypt. Egyptian and North African scholars such as Clement, Origen, Tertullian, and Athanasius are widely recognized as fathers of the church. One of the most undeniable instances was Lucius of Cyrene who with his comrade in Antioch, Simeon, who was called Niger – Niger simply meaning “Black.”

He contends that “by the year 300, Egypt had more than a million Christians. In the 6th century, Christianity spread to the Nubian Kingdoms, soon becoming the dominant religion. The Christian Nubian Kingdoms survived for 700 years, resisting attempted domination by Muslim conquerors for 600 of those years. The Egyptian Coptic Church in the Sudan and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church still exist today. Though persecuted, their presence is testimony to the historicity of Christianity in Africa.”


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