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The End of the World’s Economic System: Emergency Collapse Protocols – Are We Preparing For A Time Of Trouble Like No Other Time Since The World Began?

23354“Give us food, for why should we die in your presence? For our money is gone.” Gen: 47:15

 This is a doomsday scenario. This is the financial morning the whole world has been dreading. In one swoop, the money is all gone. The monetary system as we know it that has existed since 1792 is obliterated. The predicted, prophesied time is here. World Stock Markets have been in flux for weeks. The US has had its credit rating downgraded to a C minus. Other key EU countries have also had their ratings stripped back to complete negative territory. The DOW has fallen below 3000 points for several consecutive days. The FTSE, DAX and other markets slide ominously into fiscal meltdown. Global traders watch precariously as world markets landslide and implode. The images and the inescapable reality have come home to roust as the turmoil exacerbates. All the while, most of the world’s citizens go about their daily business numb to the impending travesties that are about to unfold and will unleash a chain of events unprecedented upon the planet in all of human history.

It is 9AM on a cloudy Monday morning over Capitol Hill in Washington. The President of the United States is about to issue an emergency state of the nation address where he is about to enact Executive Privilege based on The Gold Confiscation Act of April 5th, 1933 issued by the late Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the United States Congress as – Presidential Executive Order 6102. The Act states:

“This Order is “Forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and Gold Certificates by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 5(b) of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended by Section 2 of the Act of March 9, 1933, entitled that the Act is to provide relief in the existing national emergency in banking, and for other purposes’ in which such an amendatory Act Congress declares that a serious emergency exists.”

 The President further states that the 6900 Series of Protocols must be instituted as the US dollar has completely collapsed and is now worthless as the world trading currency.

Many are asking – how did we get here? Is this the prophesied end of the world? Did we think that we could print “monopoly” money out of thin air and do it successfully ad infinitum? Why were former US Chairman(s) Greenspan, Bernanke & Yellen allowed us to get away with financial chicanery? Why was the market flooded with cheap, now worthless money to prop up unsustainable debt which would eventually collapse under the weight of market fluctuations and the boom and bust cycles? But answers are futile now!

Now the apocalypse has come and governments must try to manage anarchy and the seismic fallout which will ultimately hit the streets and cities of the world. Will this be the catalyst which brings on World War 111?

“A shocking Russian Finance Ministry report prepared for President Putin warned that massive liquidity runs on American and European financial institutions created the danger which collapsed the entire global economic system leaving war as the only “option” for the West to use to protect itself from complete obliteration.” But would not war eventually bring about the same end?

In America, every Wall Street bank is shut down along with every other bank on Main Street. Governments around the world follow suit as the American dominoes begin to fall one by one. Pre-planning and contingency moves have brought Special Forces on to the streets to protect the civic institutions and other places from looting and rioting. Marshal Law has been declared and the militarization of every area of public space becomes sacrosanct in order to maintain the status quo.

With the collapse of the economic system, global intelligence services have gone on their highest priority level alert ever. China, Russia and Iran have begun to marshal their military forces as the EU, the US, & India goes on Red Alert. Nuclear submarines are put on full alert and Britain has had its Trident nuclear fleet deployed from the Isles off the Scottish coast as the winds of Armageddon begin to blow.

Iran promises to teach America “the mother of all lessons” accusing the Americans, with the help of Israelis and Germans, of creating the Stuxnet virus which attacked the Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities. Russian agents have planted secret bombs at US missions around the world while energy supplies to Western Europe are on rations; and China has floated its newest aircraft carrier into the Suez Canal. North Korea has engaged its nuclear capability against the South as well as against America while India and Pakistan are locked in a Mexican standoff.

Armageddon is finally here! But questions are still being asked. Did we not see this coming? Did I not warn you? Yet you spurned my commentary because you thought I was mad!

American history is replete with major catastrophes it has survived. In the [222] years since the U.S. dollar was born in 1792, the United States has suffered through a great civil war (some believe over slavery which is a MYTH) that devastated the nation’s finances; a massive flu pandemic that killed at least 50 million people worldwide (the 1st know man-made bio-hazard), shutting down the U.S. economy, and a great dust bowl and depression that left millions homeless and unemployed – the worst U.S. financial disaster of the 20th century. It survived [10] major foreign wars and [44] recessions that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. But throughout all these disasters, the U.S. government has NEVER abused its money-printing power like it’s currently doing today! Was this its undoing?

What we have witnessed on the back of the frenzied money printing – world stock markets have plied their sinister trade in DERIVATIVES* (a form of speculative mathematical alchemy) where Las Vegas styled casino gamblers have become obscenely wealthy at the expense of the poor, the taxpayer and the unenlightened stocks & shares buyers and sellers. Now the derivatives bubble has ballooned to almost US$1 Quadrillion and has bust oozing the toxic sludge which has infected every organ of the world economy.

Did not the pundits and gurus warn that there should have been [4] things which would be warning signs before the inevitable apocalyptic CRASH*? These [4] signs have always been a harbinger of things to come:

  1. Bank stocks led the entire global market into the abyss
  2. The economy was winding down precipitously; as politicians worldwide including central bankers were scrambling to find solutions
  3. The Volatility Index or as it is called (THE VIX) – was at levels not seen in years.
  4. Gold was setting one new record after another rising across the ominous $2000/ounce barrier

Sadly, the masses were running to and fro and few were cognizant of what was emerging on the horizon, although the gathering storm clouds were warning signs – most were apathetic and nonchalant choosing denial over preparedness.

America’s force majeure of its debt servicing and its admission that it could not longer pay its bills was in part the defacto repudiation of its debt to its creditors – most notably, China. This has forced China on to the back foot and caused the Asian Bubble to burst with its own levels of toxic pus resulting in mass unrest and the declaration of the collapse of all the tiger economies. Japan, Korea and China went suddenly into free-fall with these respective governments threatening military intervention as a mean of future survival.

Food, fuel, daily commodities have all been rationed by the military government agencies. Only those with the relevant ID (or MARK) can get access to the basics including medical care. The world has been turned on its head and everywhere is suicide, chaos and the deafening specter of war that will mean the ultimate destruction of a major part of mankind. As was stated in the Holy Book that many ignored – [200] million die in one passing swoop!

The Christian Science Monitor of August 6, 2010, had warned that Beijing was a barometer on whether Iran would be attacked and it seems unlikely by the acceleration in trade between China and Iran. Still a major war in the Middle East and an even more dangerous global war with the use of nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out. The globe is facing a state of worldwide military escalation. What are looming in front of humanity are the possibilities of an all-out nuclear war and the extinction of most life on this planet as we know it.

The time of trouble is here. Perilous times will call for survival mechanisms unknown to human flesh. All around is the clarion call – “Get on board the ark of safety for the winds will not diminish but only increase.” For in a time of peace and relative safety – sudden destruction comes!

Is this a fictitious parody – or is it a likely prophetic end time scenario? You decide!!!


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