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“The Blood Passover”: The Meat-Market of Human Life Through the Harvesting and Trafficking of Body Parts – Where the Axis of Ritual Evil Meets Commodification

organ harvesting“And God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul” – Genesis 2:7

This week CNN is drawing attention to the plight of the Nepalese people who have become victims of (“ORGAN-HARVESTING”). It is being acknowledged that in almost every country in the world there is a “BODY-PARTS-BROKER” or a syndicate of persons who deal in the underground movement of human meat. Especially so in 3rd World countries and those developing nations with lax laws which do NOT* protect the most vulnerable in society – we are seeing a dramatic rise in the incidences of modern day slavery involving not only human and sexual trafficking and exploitation but also the Satanic rise in ritual blood libel, blood sacrifices, organ trafficking and the commodification and commercialization of human life on an epic scale.

Did you know that in countries where “Capital Punishment” is still rife – (China for example), the illegal trade in “live organ harvesting” has been cited as one of the worst case human rights’ abuses given its reputation on how social freedoms are curtailed and its laws on secrecy regarding the amount of political prisoners, dissidents and others who face the firing squad every year as a means of population control.

Some of the worst excesses however seem to be amongst Israelis who for centuries have been mired in the said “gory” mess of blood spatter, blood libel, ritual murder and now the illegal trade in “organ trafficking” according to reports.

After an in-depth reading and critical analysis of the book “The Blood Passover” by Dr. Ariel Toaff, Professor of Medieval and Renaissance History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, where Toaff has written major works like – “Wine and Bread: A Jewish Community in the Middle Ages” (1989); translated into English and French); also, “Jewish Monsters: The Imaginary Jew from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Age” (1996) and “Eating Jewish Style. Jewish Cooking in Italy from the Renaissance to the Modern Age” (2000). However, this particular book – his most controversial to date was translated from Italian by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti, in (2007) and created an academic and historical firestorm.

There’s no denying Jewish involvement since as far back as the 1200’s in the Cabbalism of money-lending, usury and in the episodic tales reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice – where Shylock introduces an unnerving, frightening and ultimately tragic element to the whole idea of “body parts snatching”. Though this is an uncomfortable subject for many within the Jewish community – others are quick to cry anti-Semitic as if Black African people for 260 years weren’t “harvested” from their own land and sold, maimed and murdered through mass genocide and infanticide and no one to date has been held responsible for those historical crimes of humanity – more severe than any Jew has ever suffered.

The cruel irony is this (and let’s be fair) – as we have watched former Liberian President Charles Taylor be prosecuted in the circus called the Hague – former Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte states in her book, “The Hunt”, that during investigations into war crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army, (KLA), against Serbs and other ethnic non-Albanians, the prosecutor’s office was informed and knew that persons who had disappeared during the Kosovo conflict were used in organ smuggling operations.

This ethnic population that disappeared was forcefully submitted to surgery in which their “live” organs were taken out and then smuggled and sold to clinics in Europe under the patronage of the KLA – with Del Ponte hiding the truth and keeping silent on these horrible crimes against the abducted ethnic Serbs. She was thus complicit in her silence to these crimes although the list with the names of abducted Serbs was given to her as early as 2001 and though she knew that – failed to raise a single indictment for those crimes. (And so the blind, twisted tale of so-called justice proliferates).

South Africa, (another case in point) – a tortured landscape of tribalism, ethnic cleansing under apartheid (where none of the architects were jailed or executed for crimes against humanity), and where disenfranchisement is the order of the day and the stratification of this once great society still remains drenched in the creeping dew of murder, violence, poverty and gross Black marginalization. Now on its hands and knees, comes the shame of ritual and Satanic murder of Black Albinos for “body-parts” to be used in the maleficent practice of brewed witch-doctor medicines and the commercial trade in organ harvesting and trafficking.

The World Health Organization in 2007 painted a harrowing picture of a world short on organs for medical use and a pervasive practice of illegality in organ trafficking which literally spans the globe covering both developed and 1st World countries.

So dear friends, wherever this blog will be read, the purpose is to draw attention to your own countries and how this issue may very well be rampant right where you live. When your kids and young people go missing – could it be that these are some of the reasons? When your loved ones die in hospital needlessly for whatever reason and they are not on the “organ-donor” register – do you ever question what happens to their body parts? How many “organs and “body-parts” are harvested during periods of mass genocide, unholy and unjust wars, false imprisonments and renditions, but to top it all off (and I know my brothers and sisters who champion the “RIGHT-TO-LIFE” will love this) – with the damnable scourge of millions of “abortions” every year – have you given thought to where that “fetal mass” ends up?

Something to ponder…

As always – you can decide for yourself!!!


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