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The Wisdom of Solomon: Why World Leaders Can Be Compared To the “Sons of Mahol” and How Obeisance To The Black Obelisk Of Calah Make Pawns of Men

Jehu submission to ShalamanserWhen one rules over men in righteousness, when he rules in the fear of God, He is like the light of morning at sunrise…2 Samuel 23:3-4

Ancient history recounts that through the 7th and 6th centuries BC lived a shrewd and intelligent mathematician – Thales of Miletus, who attempted to give an explanation of how the world functions that did not depend on “gods” or mythology – but only on natural causes that were the foundation stones for classical evolutionary theories and the monolithic, scientific building blocks for the creation of such empirical disciplines as physics, chemistry, biology and their emergent strands of humanistic knowledge. Pythagoras, also in the 6th century BC, thought that numbers was the basis of reality because the forms and relations of visible objects could all be quantifiably explained numerically (a précis and premise Chris Halsall et al still believe even today). Protagoras who (died in 410 BC) also stated that “Man is the measure of all things” – a 2000 + year old philosophical concoction which is at the heart of much of 21st century sociological praxis and thought.

From ages past, men have worked assiduously to “debunk God” by the use of human reason and vain, erroneous philosophies. The word philosophy itself coined from Greek words meaning “love of wisdom” remains a solid tranche in human evolutionary thinking where humanistic philosophy has decidedly replaced the “Wisdom of God”; the Wisdom of the Prophets; and the Wisdom of the Sages, Seers and Saints of old.

In his provocative manuscript, H. Tupper Saussy opines in – “Rulers of Evil” p. 282/3 under the subheading “The Dome of the Great Sky“, that: “The Black Obelisk of Calah, which stands in the Babylonian-Assyrian Wing of the British Museum, records the great accomplishments of the 9th century BC god-king Shalmaneser II. In the (above pictorial) scene depicting various monarchs paying obeisance to Babylon, we see one monarch kneeling before Shalmaneser, worshiping him. Shalmaneser in turn offers a sacrifice to an [8] pointed star set within a bird’s wings and tail-feathers. Inscriptions identify this kneeling monarch as King Jehu of Israel.”

Jehu, who was the son of Jehoshaphat – the [10th] king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Jehu reigned as king of Israel for [28] years. He killed a great number of people including the king of Israel, (Joram), who was the son of Ahab, with an arrow through the heart. He also killed the king of Judah, (Ahaziah). For Joram and Ahaziah were related to each other through Ahab and Jezebel. Based on Biblical prophecy, Jehu executed Ahab’s entire family, including Jezebel, fulfilling the prophecy of Elijah (1 Kings 21:17-24). Jehu also killed Ahab’s friends and officials. Aside from killing members of Ahab’s family, who had encouraged the people to worship false idols, Jehu ordered his men to kill the priests of the pagan god, Baal, in the temple. He then converted the pagan temple into a public toilet.

“Remarkably, according to the New Catholic Encyclopedia, Jehu’s likeness (in the above pictorial) is the only known contemporaneously-rendered portrait of a Biblical personage. More remarkably, Jehu is wearing the Phrygian cap… his liberty subject to the mood of the god-king. The Bible confirms the testimony of the Black Obelisk. In 2 Kings 10:31 we read: “Jehu took no heed to walk in the Law of the Lord God of Israel with all his heart.” Scripture further tells us that Jehu worshiped the “Golden Calf”, a sacred Babylonian icon made fashionable in [10th] century-BC Israel by Jehu’s predecessor, Jeroboam. Jeroboam also renounced “the Law of the Lord God of Israel” and instituted…’democracy’.”

For the idea of “democracy opened up the Israelite priesthood, originally appointed by YAHWEH* exclusively to the family of Levi, to all applicants. Consequently, YAHWEH’S priesthood was infiltrated by non-believers and foreign sympathizers. They prepared the way for Jehu to make of himself a Phrygian freeman, obligated to concur with obedience of the understanding in all things which his superior, Shalmaneser II, commanded – exactly as the Black Obelisk explains in lucid visual terms.”

“As a direct result of Jehu’s departure from the God of Israel, the Israelite nation began falling apart. It was ultimately destroyed by Caesarean Rome, the legitimate heir to Shalmaneser’s Babylonian authority as it passed down through Pergamum. Running throughout this cosmic “Battle of the Faiths” is a highly refined “Cabalah” involving the concept of the “Golden Calf.” The word “calf” in Hebrew, the language of Jehu and Jeroboam, is pronounced “eagle.” Whereas Jehu gave his people Shalmaneser’s Golden “Eagle” to worship, the “Church Militant” has trained the American public to worship “Rome’s Golden Eagle” which surmounts every flagpole. Could it be that if we show respect, affection, or loyalty toward the national “eagle” we create the presumption of worshiping the “Golden Calf”, and so alienate ourselves from the God of the Bible and in the vacuum find ourselves under the rule of the Church Militant?”

A poignant question indeed – worthy of consideration given the emergent phenomena of political theology being ramped up by Anglo-Saxon imperialists.

The world have witnessed in the last few years the violent death of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein; Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi & former Egyptian President Morsi has just been sentenced to death – where the debate centers around this concept of what is “TRUE JUSTICE” and what has also become a modern day fascination with the news media hanging the maimed, dead bodies of political Muslim leaders upon this democratic totem-pole for all the world to see and to gawk at. #ISIS in turn copies a similar parody in hanging out its bloodied victims to the lens of a voyeuristic world.

Was true justice meted out to these decades old dictatorial rulers who for all intent and purposes ruled their nations, peoples and tribes with a “rod of iron”? Did these same men refuse to kowtower to the system given the sinister connotations of paying the necessary PAGAN* tribute (as Jehu did) and as a result forfeited the right to be inscribed amongst the adherents to the mystical Black Obelisk – choosing not to be part of the Cabalah?

From the minority opinion, those who do not believe that killing leaders is a “just” act – some have argued that what needs to remembered is that justice is based on the habitation for which one occupies therefore the lurid “world” of Saddam, Gaddafi & Co. was one based on murder, intrigue, oppression and mayhem – so men reap the “fruit” of what they have sown and the (IN)justice they have meted out to others is the divine “karma” that is measured back to them (if not in equally beneficent portions but often with compounded interest).

Today’s political rulers and especially despots are once again experiencing what history has recounted over and over again but cited more so throughout the annuls of the sacred Biblical narrative. Few Israelite kings had the pleasure of enjoying [40] years of “peaceful rule” with the notable exception of Solomon whose royal majesty superseded any earthly king before him or after because of his “great” wisdom, political savvy and righteous rule.

So what was it about this man (whom Scripture declares) had even greater wisdom than anyone who ever lived upon the earth and why was Solomon compared to the “sons of Mahol”? Also, what lessons can the modern day descendants of Mahol learn from the Wisdom of Solomon in matters pertaining to wise and just rule, wealth and honor, egalitarianism and fairness in nation building?

History reveals that the ancient sons of Mahol – (Ethan, Heman, Chalcol and Darda) were the crème de la crème of Solomon’s time until he stepped on to the political scene of action. In J.A. Goodchild’s “The Book of Tephi”, we find the following comments by Charles A. L. Totten: “For if Darda, the Egyptian, son of Zerah, was Dardanus, the Egyptian founder of Troy, and if Chalcol was the Egyptian Cecrps or Niul and the contemporary founder of Athens and Thebes, and if Heman, the brother of Niul, was the likewise contemporary Egyptian Agenon who inherited Phoenicia, and if Mahol, the son of Zerah and the father of these famous Egyptians, was Scytha or Fenesia Farsa, the Egyptian ancestor of the Milesians whose records, full and complete, enable us to blend the whole into one continuous recital down to the present day, surely we have the means at hand in TROJAN*, GRECIAN* and MILESIAN* sources, to continue out the record of the Sacred Chronicles, and lend them greater reverence as we come to understand and prize them at their worth.”

“And it is just this claim that we now advance, for by rescuing this fragmentary reference to Zerah’s line…(and that) found in 1 Kings 4:30-31, from the ignorance and misconception with which all former generations seem to have treated it, and by reading in it a clear and intentional reference to the famous heroes of secular history, to the founders of Phoenicia, Grecia, Troy and the Milesians, and indirectly to Rome, the child of Troy, to Carthage and to the Brigantes of Hispania, we place in the hand of “Our Race”, and before their open eyes, the peer of the Rosetta Stone itself, in that all men who are ‘wise’ may read the conclusion in their own language between the lines of Sacred History itself…”

Thus Scripture tells us plainly: “And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt. For he was wiser than all men; than Ethan the Ezrahite, and Heman, and Chalcol, and Darda, the sons of Mahol: and his fame was in all nations round about.” (1 Kings 4:30-31)

On the other hand, some argue that the wisdom (chokmah) of Solomon when compared to all other forms of political and religious rule according to Vladimir Wozniuk cite “ambiguities in the complex account of Solomon’s succession and reign in 1 Kings 1-11 evoking questions about the “wisdom” of Solomon’s rule and the foundations of legitimacy upon which the hereditary monarchy’s authority rested. While it is recorded that YAHWEH* “loved” Solomon, the account of Solomon’s “wise” reign concludes with one of the harshest summary evaluations possible, depicting him as virtually abandoning Yahweh in favor of the religio-political practices of his foreign wives. Just what kind of political wisdom was this intended to represent?”

That is why a systematic study of the life of King Solomon showed that even in the darkest moments of his life – wisdom was never far from him. The lessons to be learnt from his life is that “WISDOM” without “CHRIST” is mere folly – but moreover in the glaring madness, dystopia and disconnect, God still proves faithful even when we are not!

“Although scholars in recent years have shed valuable light on the portrayal of Solomon in 1 Kings, their efforts have heretofore lacked an integrating focus that might assist in either further clarifying some of these ambiguities or in simplifying a complex account – the narrative’s portrayal of the Wisdom of Solomon as political theology.”

So in an age of deficient political and religious leadership – many lessons can be learned from the Wisdom of Solomon albeit controversial in its application, the epistemological basis of such sound knowledge cannot be understated or overlooked.

As we watch the Caucasoid nations of the world – the supposed rightful progenitors of the “sons of Mahol” are the ones who in the 21st century continue to seize the ruler-ship of the world through this ancient espoused idea called “DEMOCRACY” subjugating all other forms of sovereignty to its behest, control and dogma with disastrous consequences. It is abundantly clear that men rule not by consensus but by proscribed pagan rules and laws which have long been etched in the social fabric of human consciousness. At the same time, refusing godly wisdom rather choosing the complex nature of humanistic philosophical reasoning and argument as a guiding light out of the maze of human folly and error.

As world’s leaders constantly gather for their G-SUMMIT meetings to thrash out the looming global pandemics of economic and political miasma which is set to ONE DAY SOON become a virulent contagion infecting ever nation of the world – most watch with baited breath to see who will arise with the wisdom of Solomon to lead the world out of the current impasse.

Sadly, we know from Scripture based on the prophecies of Daniel chapter 2 that “iron and clay will ‘NEVER’ cleave together” as a unified whole and as result all of man’s efforts to hold the EURO* together or for BRIC* nations to create new financial blocs in an effort to bring so-called “PROSPERITY” back to their countries – it will ultimately fail and the world’s economies will not only flat-line but will implode bringing about a time of trouble like nothing that has never existed since the world began.

We have a choice! We can either cling to pagan mythological symbolism repackaged as a postmodernist form of expression – where we give our obeisance and allegiance to what the Black Obelisk of Calah represents or we can refuse to no longer be pawns on the chess board of life and with the growing wave of social unrest as well as the winds of change which are blowing across the land – stand in defiance and in opposition to the shenanigans which seek to corrupt and impair our spiritual freedoms.

For if the Wisdom of Solomon is anything for men in the 21st century to live by – may I suggest a careful exegetical as well as eisegetical reading comprehension of the books of PROVERBS & ECCLESIASTES.

Anything less, will only prove the obvious!


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