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Is There A Scientific Basis For Spirituality? And Can Quantum Mechanics Map A Space/Time Continuum For Proto-Consciousness Which Invariably Frames A Solid Argument For the Existence Of God?

1453497_576380062431879_1139997835_nIn 1492, when Columbus was making his voyages through the Caribbean – it is said that the Native West Indians (American Indians who had traveled South) could not see the sailing vessels approaching on the distant horizon. Their brains apparently could not process the information due in part to the fact that they had never seen such large galleons before. It was only after constantly looking out onto the horizon that spatial recognition transformed the ships into physical objects of reality creating a new consciousness in their minds.

The philosophy of consciousness is inherently a fundamental part of the universe just like scientific issues of matter and velocity. Human spatial awareness is inherently a God-given attribute which has always existed and we each have our own individual consciousness as part of this larger collective consciousness. The exploratory concept of proto-consciousness however assumes that every living thing is also a part of this spatial consciousness, and that each living being has to some extent varying levels of what we term self-consciousness.

This is fundamental to our understanding because it is said that we are only seeing and experiencing the tip of a quantum mechanical iceberg. If our brains can process 400 billion bytes of information per second – then why are we only using 2000 bytes which involves our spatial recognition and understanding of time-space distanciation; our physical bodies and its [5] primary senses and our evolving and changing environment? Are we even capable of going beyond the realm of mere superficial consciousness – migrating from a loci of sensory perception to another proto-consciousness state? And what can the science of quantum mechanics and quantum geometry allow us to understand about our own levels of human spirituality if anything at all?

Arguably, the materialist aspects of quantum science have been obsessed for decades with measurable, observable phenomena in the hope of logging empirical data in spreadsheets, graphs and tables. The irony has been how can science account for the billions of bytes of information processed daily in the human brain which remains randomized and unaccounted for and cannot be allocated a definitive tabulation or an analytical framework.

If we think of the eyes as analogous to the lens of a video camera (which when recording sees more than the images that is within its focus) – then could it be that our brain processes so much more than is perceptibly possible but because of innate prejudices and judgments, as well as social preconditioning, we are only allowed to see what we want to see?

Science is beginning to recognize that the world between our two ears and the observable world out there BOTH carry an intrinsic harmony which is measurable and quantifiable at some points and at others points pose menacingly niggling questions which call for hypotheses, theories and oftentimes conjecture to make sense of them.

Scientists who have for years been grappling with sub-atomic physics continue to be baffled as to where atoms and particles appear and disappear to and some of the answers are frankly nothing more than human guess-work and speculation. One of the challenges even within the realm of quantum mechanics is the question of where TIME* goes. Does it go backward or does it go forward? And can we alter time?

In the Bible, it is recorded that a prophet called Isaiah did!

Eminent researchers like Dr. Amit Goswani are forging a new pathway in the science of quantum theoretical science which looks at this whole idea of the fusion and merger of modern scientific theory with ancient philosophical pathways as a way of understanding our world and for those of us who choose to come to a fundamental understanding of Intelligent Design caused not in part but in the whole by an Intelligent Designer.

The spiritual and religious notion of a Creator GOD* continues to evoke all kinds of emotions amongst many within the scientific establishment and in the public square of secular humanist philosophy – evoking many disingenuous thoughts and the haranguing of epistemic modal logic by those who seek excuses to disavow knowledge of anything outside of their [5] base physical sensory attributes.

This is where not only science hits the wall but where common men stagnate into perpetuity. For within their brains is this discombobulation effect – an almost permanent loss of desire to activate the hidden resources of the mind, recognizing the quantum effects of all of those bytes of disused information prevalent in the mind which go undiscovered, undeveloped and unused fulfilling the Scriptures which says – “where there is no knowledge or ‘vision’ people continue to perish”.

If Dr. Goswani is correct, then the physical things around us are merely movements of consciousness and by choosing these moments and movements – we translate these things or as Heisenbeger termed them “tendencies” into the realm of consciousness. But they are many theoretical physicists who have a problem with this position because of the controversially radical nature of it.

For example, Quantum Theory espouses this notion of Quantum Positioning which puts a myriad of possibilities in both our past, present and future actions. And from those multiple of positions come the power to choose a distinct position, where all other multiples collapse into that one determinant choice.

So Quantum Mechanics ask the question – “can we go back in time and change our choice and/or our position?”

Science believes – yes it is possible based on current quantum trends available now which influences all the possible positions which ultimately produce the best possible outcome as we go into the future.

So the choices we make now determine our past and ultimately affect our future.

As human beings, we have long been taught to accept that the created things are set, separate and distinct from our own individual reality but this is not really the case.

In the same way, notions and ideas of a Creator God, within the context of theoretical science posits this narrative that there is no basis in empirical science for any appreciable understanding of spirituality.

But is that really the case?

In the book “The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul” – Mario Beauregard has concluded that:

“Individual minds and selves arise from and are linked together by a divine Ground of Being (or primordial matrix). That is the spaceless, timeless, and infinite Spirit, which is the ever-present source of cosmic order, the matrix of the whole universe, including both physis (material nature) and psyche (spiritual nature). Mind and consciousness represent a fundamental and irreducible property of the Ground of Being. Not only does the subjective experience of the phenomenal world exist within mind and consciousness, but mind, consciousness, and self profoundly affect the physical world…it is this fundamental unity and interconnectedness that allows the human mind to causally affect physical reality and permits psi interaction between humans and with physical or biological systems. With regard to this issue, it is interesting to note that quantum physicists increasingly recognize the mental nature of the universe.”

The basis for quoting Beauregard is that as we looked at Stephen Hawking’s M-Theoretical position in his work entitled The Grand Design which to many of us was another throw of the dice, to prove the possibility of the non-EXISTENCE of a GRAND DESIGNER – a position which has proven incoherent and pointless.

Hawking in his landmark work “A Brief History of Time” – suggests that: “If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we should know the mind of God.”

Yet in the said book he argues that the existence of God was unnecessary to explain the origin of the universe…

Is that a contradiction as well as a denial of his own assumptions or merely the mutterings of an overcharged brain?

Hawking’s early research work in the book “The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time”, cites that: “It seems to be a good principle that the prediction of [God] by a physical theory indicates that the theory has broken down, i.e. it no longer provides a correct description of observations.”

So while Hawking tried to dispel the possibilities of God in using Quantum Geometry to box God out by some mathematical theory – the sad irony is that he and his cohorts have again failed in their insalubrious quest to undermine The Creator’s existence.

What is truly astonishing is how quantum science has opened up a whole new world of endless possibilities to mankind, yet for the most part, we are stuck in this neutral vortex of inertia about the world around us and the “magic” (used in an imaginative context) that life offers to us – if we were but to open up our minds and our souls to the limitless possibilities we have available to us. But the fault may lie with the pace of life and the fragmentation and flux we experience as the world we have created “bobs” and “weaves” out of control.

A final question asks – can we individually and collectively affect the reality of the world around us at the deepest subconscious level?

You better believe we can!

It has been proven time and again that we create our own world – a gift given to us by God at the moment of inception. The deception however has been that we have been spoon-fed lies about how we can change not only our thought process but also the trends and the observable, empirically tested realities which greet us every day.

One dramatic case in point was a group research study in the murder capital of the United States – Washington DC.

It was shown that in the summer of 1993; where [4000] volunteers came from over a 100 different countries to collectively meditate for long periods of time during the day as a way to reduce the capital’s crime rate by some 25%.

The DC Police Chief went on television stating that it would take two feet of snow to reduce crime that summer. The wonderful thing was that crime in DC did fall by 25% that summer and the Police Department did collaborate in the research work which had already seen similar successes in [48] other smaller studies.

The argument is clear – denying a scientific basis for spirituality has proven false and the objectification of reality can be summed up in a simple passage of Scripture – “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”.

There are empirical proofs that our thought process does influence the existential world around us and only God Himself truly understands the full capacity of man’s potential and his ability to chart his divine destiny in this life with repercussions for a world without physical limits or esoteric boundaries to come in the distant future.

The choice however is ours.

We must understand that the time for straddling fences has almost run out…

If we are what we eat – then we are what we think!

This is a water-study by Japanese Dr. Masuru Emoto…which clearly proves our point!


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