The Black Man’s Dilemma



Why is it that a Black Man, named Lewis Latimer can create a tiny piece of technology called a filament for the electric light that allows people to see in the dark in 1881…(Patent: 252,386 (US) issued January 17, 1882)

But a Black Man can’t be seen fit to lead a country to a truer guiding light?

Why is it that a Black Man named Benjamin Banneker in 1761 at the tender age of 30 can create an instrument called a clock having not seen a clock before that time that all people have come to use to tell time…

But people don’t think it is TIME* for a Black Man to run a country?

Why is it that a Black Man named Philip Reid (a slave) designed and assembled The Statue of Freedom at the Capitol was amongst the last of hundreds of slaves involved in the building of the Capitol between 1790 and 1863. The slaves worked in the quarries of Virginia, digging and transporting the stones that became the beautiful building that we so admire today.

But a Black Man is not good enough to live in the White House himself?

Why is it that a Black Man was brilliant enough to do the first open heart surgery (Dr. Daniel Hale Williams) in 1893, and Dr. Charles Drew in 1943 ( a mixed race brother) showed the world how to get and preserve blood plasma

But a Black Man is not good enough to put a program in place where everyone can afford major surgeries and obtain affordable health care without the burden of exorbitant costs?

Why is it that a Black Man was creative enough to design an instrument we call the Traffic Light (Garrett Morgan) to give multiple people direction and give order to chaos… Garrett Morgan was one of the first to apply for and acquire a U.S. patent for an inexpensive to produce traffic signal. The patent was granted on November 20, 1923. Garrett Morgan also had his invention patented in Great Britain and Canada.

But a Black Man is not seen creative enough to design a “roadmap for peace” to bring all this unnecessary and worthless fighting between countries to a halt?

Why is it that a Black Man could create the soles of shoes (Jan Matzeliger) born in Surinam and migrated to Philly at the tender age of 18 was issued (US Patent in 1883), shoes that today people walk on every day…

But a Black Man is not seen good enough to fill the shoes of a “Lame Duck” who time will probably see as one of the worst presidents in US history?

Why is it that a Black Man was smart enough and brave enough to teach himself in 1831 (Frederick Douglas and also in 1724 Thomas Fuller – both slaves) and others how to read, write and/or calculate Math…

But a Black Man is not seen smart enough and bold enough to calculate a platform to be President to a country that sure needs another First by us, especially in these difficult “economic” times?

So you see my Brother and Sisters, what I am saying is let us not forgot our past, which led us to our present and can definitely be the backbone to our future.

We were good enough then – we better now, smart enough, creative enough, and bold enough then and surely more so –NOW!!!

So let us all give BARACK OBAMA* the chance to show that we still possess all these attributes and more.

We all are as strong as our weakest link, so do not be that weak link that denies our people that chance to show we still can OVERCOME AND BE THE FIRST!




  1. obama is not the answer..


  2. obama is the answer for this society at this time and than thank you for the great article

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  3. Your article is self-evidence that America have lost the ability to think soberly. The thinking ability is being misguided by fables an lies rather truth which edifies and bring us together.

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  4. I attended a grammar school in Massachusetts that was all white except for me. I got into a argument with a classmate and he said that Negroes did not contributed anything to America. I was stunned and resorted to the only thing I new how to do, that is fight. It was sad that I did not know anything about Black History.

    Years later my son who was attending a majority White high school in western Mass., he had to present a paper to his class during Black History Month. I gave him several books on Black scientists and US patents held by these men. When he finished his presentation there was a long silence and one of his classmates raised his hand and ask the teacher if what my son said was true.

    It should be required in schools that all students read the book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen.

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  5. Respectfully submitted. Jan Metzileger did not create soles for shoes. One only need to look at paintings of Franklin or Washington to see the paintings of shoes they wore. Even the Pilgrims had shoes with soles. Rather Jan created a method to create lasts on which shoes were made. Even that was not an original idea. Napoleon encouraged the development of lathes to mass produce gun butts. They were later adopted to produce lasts for the mass production of shoes for his troops. That was in the early 19th century. Jan did come up with a number of novel inventions that enabled shoe manufacturers to increase production ten fold.


  6. This White man bought into all of Obamahs lies and voted for him the first time as I judged him on those lies and TOTAL lack of background and history thanks be to the LameStream NewsCreators of Fiction and dabs of fact, not the color of his skin as so very many other whites did! Obama was not elected by Blacks who are but 20% of the American population!


  7. No one can fix greedy controlling people the few at the top own $$
    All American jobs like factory wharehouse are gone prison are. Thier ans.War is their ans. What to do ,own your own business self employed
    Own property save your money first think how to make it you will find. A
    Better life for family
    Rember Everything about black people has been erased taken hidden
    Changed lied taught stolen rapped inslaved or killed
    And still lying about Africa and the World history


  8. You are so right! But there’s hope…


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